A National Register Historic District, Mount Vernon encompasses the best of what city living has to offer. This solidly fashionable and lively neighborhood not only serves as Baltimore's cultural center, but is also home to world renowned mid-19th century architecture that provides a gracious urban living experience.

The Mount Vernon neighborhood provides an unequaled richness of cultural experience. Since the founding of the Peabody Institute in 1857, Mount Vernon has enjoyed a continuing association with the arts and humanities. Today nationally and internationally renowned institutions - art museums, theaters, opera halls, colleges, libraries, historical museums, concert halls, and symphony orchestras, all coexist in this urban enclave and contribue to Mount Vernon's vibrant mix of culture.
While Mount Vernon possesses some of Baltimore's most recognizable landmarks including The Washingon Monument and our world famous Belvedere Hotel, it is also a charming and diverse neighborhood in which to reside. Leisurely walk the streets of our neighborhood, stroll the parks, discover the art collections of the Walther's Museum, dine at some of Baltimore's swankiest restaurants, and enjoy an evening at the symphony, opera or the theater.

The residents and patrons of Mount Vernon are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of our neighborhood's historic charm
for all who live in, work in, or visit this special community.
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