If you are looking for the hottest places to be and be seen, Mt. Vernon will be sure to satisfy. In the center of Mt. Vernon you will find a vairety of night clubs and bars. At the intersection of Charles and Eager Streets you will find Baltimore's largest and most diverse gay clubs, Grand Central and the Hippo. You can dance the night

away at either of these locations. But at The Belvedere you don't even have
to leave home. You can relax at the historical Owl Bar on the 1st floor of
The Belvedere or travel up to the infamous 13th Floor for the best view of
uptown and downtown Baltimore.
For more information about The Belvedere you can reach us at the following | 1 East Chase Street | Baltimore, MD 21202 | 410.659.5287 | info@belvederebaltimore.com